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Build something worth defending and change the course of culture.

Two men looking at a marksmanship target together.
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Build. Defend. Repeat.

This training provides a Biblically-informed framework for understanding the role of violence, protection, and self-defense in the Christian’s life.

Participants will be introduced to fundamental concepts and techniques for securing and protecting their home, church, and community at large.

“Having a shooting experience that has the additional facet of Christian worldview and community is unheard of to my knowledge. This was my favorite part of the event.”

Training Topics

Nathan Spearing teaching on spheres of influence and government.

Are You Building Something Worth Defending?

Before practicing defense techniques, you need to be building something worth defending. In this part of the training, we discuss the Three Gardens: self, family, and church/community, and how to understand your roles and responsibilities in each arena—before a crisis happens.

A Practical Theology of Violence and Self Defense​

A biblical perspective on the sanctity of life is our foundation for self-defense and the application of force. You’ll learn key strategies for developing a resilient mindset so you can deescalate conflict while being prepared in the face of uncertainty

Nathan Spearing illustrating proper technique with a rifle sling.
Man loading bullets into a magazine.

Walking Out Preparedness in Everyday Life

Once we have a solid theological foundation, we can embrace a posture of preparedness. This includes caring for your physical and spiritual well-being, as well as being proficient in the tools and techniques of defense.

Building a Defense Kit

Having the right gear is a key part of preparedness. In this part of the training, we discuss the most important pieces of gear that you should have in a defense and survival kit including the best weaponry and medical supplies.

A group of people gathered around a man teaching first aid techniques.

“I really loved the time we spent together talking about Biblical manhood and serving our families and communities.”

Nathan Spearing on deployment in multicam uniform.

About Nathan

Nathan Spearing is a highly decorated combat veteran with 14 years and 12 deployments in Army Special Operations. Nathan has spent his entire professional life walking out a theology of violence as a Christian in war. As your instructor he desires to impart wisdom in tandem with practical skills that can be applied for the betterment of your local community.

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Pinehurst, North Carolina
January 10–12

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