Entrance to Nathan Spearing's short-term rental mansion used as productive property.

Ep. 36 | First Steps to Productive Property (and greater freedom)

Productive property is one of the primary ways for Christians to build margin in their life so they can bless their families and other people. But why do you need it? And how can you get it? In this episode, Nathan gives a high-level overview of how he and his family have grown their personal margin through productive property over the past decade, and he offers guidance on how you can do the same.

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I’m very passionate about productive property, because I have experienced firsthand the difference that it has made in my families life, and I want others to experience that same freedom. I have shared bits and pieces of my story throughout this podcast, and I wanted to give a condensed version of my family’s story with productive property to help encourage you to join this journey.

C.R. Wiley’s says that “Productive property supports you through owning it, not by selling it.”

Real estate is one of the most accessible forms of productive property if you are willing to work hard.

That’s what my family did, and now we have more freedom than we ever had.

To get the story, I encourage you to listen to the episode, but here I want to outline a few reasons why productive property is essential for Christians:

  1. It gives you margin. In my construction business, having margin gives me the freedom to choose which jobs I take instead of feeling pressured to take jobs that wouldn’t be a good fit for me, my family, or my company. Margin gives you the freedom of choice.
  2. It frees up time. Productive property gives you financial margin, and I can also give you more time use in strategic ways.
  3. It provides a cushion for living boldly. Productive property that is in generating income for you, enables you to take on the risk of entrepreneurship with more confidence. Or if you work for a company, having your financial needs met through productive property enables you to leave if your employer in fringes on your values without worrying about how to pay the bills.
  4. It opens up more opportunities for generosity. When you have access to financial resources, you can choose to pour those into charitable work that matters to you and that blesses your community.

Family is still learning on this journey, but I am excited about what we have been able to build over the past decade, and I am even more excited for what the future holds.

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