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Ep. 32 | School Shootings: Bird’s Eye Truth vs Ground Truth and More Thoughts from a Former Hostage Rescue Specialist

Why do school shootings happen and what should Christians do about them? In this episode, Nathan draws on his extensive experience in hostage rescue situations to provide hard-earned perspective on the complexity surrounding these issues as well as practical advice for Christians seeking to defend those they love.

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For five years of my life my primary purpose in live was training for and being on call to resolve hostage situations via extreme violence of action and surgical application of force. I’ve said it before: “Anyone can learn to shoot, but I was at a point in my career that I got paid not to shoot.”

my experience in dynamic hostage rescue situation’s gives me a unique perspective on The recent events in Uvalde, TX. I have repeatedly been in situations that are extremely complex, and I have learned that the Birdseye perspective (what everybody sees on the outside) is often much different than the ground perspective (what it’s like to have been there).

In this episode, I offer my perspective on what has happened as well as the responsibility of Christians to act and be bold in the face of wickedness. We must equip ourselves and be trained in sound biblical principles and action in order to defend the weak among us.

I believe that it’s important for us to lament what has happened without jumping to conclusions, and at the same time we should be spurred on to take action and prepare for these types of situations. As long as there is sin in the world, wicked people will do wicked things. As Christians, we should be ready no matter what.

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