Nathan Spearing at Trail Life hike with son at Uwharrie in North Carolina

Ep. 42 | Being More Dangerous (Do The Work)

The only way to get better at doing hard things is to do hard things. And the only way to become more dangerous is to train for it. These qualities are essential for every man, but they need to be grounded in steadfast trust in God. In this episode, Nathan discusses the tension between faith and hard work and provides practical advice for becoming stronger and more dangerous, as well as how to instill these traits in sons.

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  • Update on closing an additional 34 acres of land. [0:30]
  • Tending my garden by clearing undergrowth with a brush trimmer. [0:40]
  • We are trying to get the land ready for livestock and meat animals to provide sustenance for the local church and larger community. [0:53]
  • We want to make our family more resilient. [1:07]
  • There are several different issues affecting men that are in tension with each other. [1:50]
  • Many people are whining about young men coming up in the faith. [2:10]
  • The issues in Christian community are also issues across society. [2:30]
  • By and large, Christians are not raising men who will be future leaders in society. [2:54]
  • Reflections on taking my 12-year-old son on a 50 mile march in 2021. [3:32]
  • I want to put my boys in situations that push them past their physical limits. [3:57]
  • Telling my son, “This is an individual event—don’t compare yourself to the other boys.” [5:02]
  • Even when your body says you can’t do it, you have a lot more in the tank. [5:26]
  • The only way to build capacity to do things when they are hard is to do hard things. [5:35]
  • Coming up with a ritual each year with a challenge that has a 50% chance of completion. [6:13]
  • It’s important to identify things that are hard for you and your boys and then do them. [6:51]
  • Before you can turn boys into men you have to be a man. [7:57]
  • Do things in faith where God has to bring about the result. [8:16]
  • Build a culture in your household of men who are hard and dangerous. [9:02]
  • Family worship should happen every day. [9:35]
  • Joshua 2:18 Scripture reading. [10:38]
  • Jericho trembled because they believed in the power of the Lord and the Lord’s people. [11:54]
  • Do you live like your God is the same God of the Israelites in Joshua’s day? [12:24]
  • My motto: “I’m invincible until the Lord is through with me.” [13:06]
  • Why it was challenging to step out in faith and buy more land. [14:09]
  • The importance of having a godly woman who speaks truth into your life. [14:37]
  • We have a vision; we’re executing it; but the Lord will have to bring the yield. [15:47]
  • The key tension between faith and doing the work. [16:56]
  • Life postures trickle down—you can’t play it safe and raise courageous men. [17:29]
  • Every choice that you make has consequences—for good or for ill. [18:16]
  • Every choice you make also affects your family (or future family). [18:30]
  • Do something hard right now. [19:27]
  • Raising godly kids is dangerous for the evil one. [20:16]
  • When you do something hard and dangerous, talk to your kids about it. [22:03]
  • Parting close out. [22:14]

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