March 3, 2023

Ep. 70 | Taking Risks and Building Community w/ Larson Hicks

In this week’s conversation with Larson Hicks – a husband, father, business owner, and church planter – we talk about taking risks, dating, providing for your family, creating community, and why a lot of our problems today can be traced back to…
Life on Target
Life on Target
Ep. 70 | Taking Risks and Building Community w/ Larson Hicks

In this week’s conversation with Larson Hicks – a husband, father, business owner, and church planter – we talk about taking risks, dating, providing for your family, creating community, and why a lot of our problems today can be traced back to an improper understanding of our roles as male and female made in God’s image. Larson shares how spiritual formation helped his family navigate tragedy and provides some words of wisdom for those in search of strong relationships and community.

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I’m not even asking you to do this. Like, and it was, she was able to kind of be like, Hey, I’ll be okay.

[01:10:45] Like, we’re gonna be fine. We, we have to have a vision for this. We’re not doing it yet. And we did it two years later, you know, and even then was like, no idea what’s gonna happen. But there was, there was continual talk. Now I don’t give her [01:11:00] every, you know, interpersonal cuz she’s got, you know, all her kids and things.

[01:11:04] But the, the, broad brush strokes for sure. My most trusted business counselor

[01:11:10] by far, cuz she knows me better than anybody else. And she can see through my vanity metric on

[01:11:16] so.

[01:11:17] that’s.

[01:11:17] and say you say three months, it’s probably gonna take you

[01:11:20] nine months to 12 months. That’s how you need to do your planning. Wets coming off the plate.

[01:11:25] Come on, talk me. And I’m like, dang it. You know if you got me

[01:11:28] again, you

[01:11:29] taught her too much. Yeah, it’s good, man. No, it’s good. Well, the thing I, I, I kind of remembered a also part of your question, which I think is important to mention.

[01:11:39] It’s just like, um, when, if you’re, if you’re thinking about taking that, taking that plunge and, and finding a church, like getting to a good church, getting your family to a good church, I think one of the, the, the metrics or the ways to look at it is, is like if you walk into the room and you, and there are a bunch of men who are worshiping God, um, and, [01:12:00] and, and who are doing men that you look up to, like men who you’re not cringing as you watch them singing.

[01:12:07] A love song to their boyfriend Jesus, you know, but, but like men who, men, right? men who, who you go, I’d like to be friends with that guy. I’d like to, I’d like to, uh, be like that guy, you know, I look up to that man looks like somebody I would respect and follow. Like if you can walk into a church and see those kinds of men in the room, um, then, then that’s a place that’s worth investigating further.

[01:12:31] That’s probably a really good sign. And that’s, you know, when I, I’ve done now, you know, many, many membership interviews and, and one of the, for families joining our church, and that’s one of the mo more common is we walked in and I’d never been to a church with so many men singing. Um, I’ve never, I’ve never heard that.

[01:12:52] I’ve never seen that. Just a bunch of men singing and that

[01:12:54] there’s something

[01:12:55] about that that’s powerful.

[01:12:57] It is in this day and age, it’s, it’s, I mean, it’s powerful [01:13:00] no matter what, but yes, especially today, the contrast, when you go from every other church in town that’s mostly women leading and it’s mostly gay, um, homoerotic worship songs, uh, that you could easily replace Jesus with my boyfriend, and it would, and it would play just as well.

[01:13:21] Um, dudes don’t feel comfortable there. They shouldn’t feel comfortable. Uh, and the fact that they stay anyway is a sign that they’re a little gay themselves. like, get out of there, man. Like, get out of there. It’s bad for your soul, you know? And get

[01:13:36] or they’ve just been, they’ve been wife whipped, you

[01:13:39] yeah.

[01:13:40] and it’s, they, that is, is one way you’re behind the power curve. You know, your energy, your responsibility, and so you’re just gonna be l dead inside

[01:13:51] and just, you know, oh, well this is all I got. You know? I just, if I don’t, if I don’t go along with it, my wife isn’t happy with, you know, [01:14:00] letting her lead.

[01:14:02] Yeah.

[01:14:02] then my life’s gonna be miserable. But then your wife’s life’s miserable anyway, but we don’t even need to open that box up. We don’t got

[01:14:08] Well, you just, you need to be, I mean, you need mentors. I mean, that’s, uh, that, that, that’s true for any and every man in the world. You need mentors. Like you need men that you look up to and who are models for you of what being a godly man looks like. And so if you’re looking around your church and going, I don’t see any of those here.

[01:14:26] Uh, that’s a sign that you’re not somewhere. Cuz your job, your duty for your family is as, as priest, you know, is to provide spiritually for your family. So, so, That includes you as the leader. Like, is your tank being filled? Like, okay, your wife likes the worship music. Your kids like the Sunday school, but are you thriving spiritually?

[01:14:47] Like, are you feeling challenged? Are you feeling, uh, convicted of your sin every Sunday? You know, are you feeling inspired by God’s word to go try harder, work harder, [01:15:00] you know, live more faithfully. If not, you know, you, you should get outta there, man. Uh, you, you need, you need more. Like you, you’re not gonna be able to lead.

[01:15:08] You’re gonna get behind the power curve and, and the plane’s gonna hit the back of the, of the deck if, if you don’t do something about it.

[01:15:16] mm-hmm. . Mm. Good stuff, man. Well, I’ll, I’ll, uh, I’ll get all the, the, uh, the links and everything from you after the fact

[01:15:25] where people can, can link up with you. I’ve shared, shared your, uh, why we need more Christian Billionaires podcast. That was,

[01:15:33] Oh, good.

[01:15:34] it was a, was a good one I’ve referenced before. So, um, we’ll dig all these links up and point ’em your way.

[01:15:41] After you’ve checked out Southern Pines and it doesn’t meet the criteria, doesn’t measure up, and you think that maybe there’s a chance, a better spot, you guys check out eight Huntsville, you know, and, uh,

[01:15:52] Well, you guys have, you guys have the, the rugby scene out there. We, we didn’t talk about rugby at all, but um, but the rugby stuff [01:16:00] going on out there is pretty special. And, uh, talk about a way to, to, to build some camaraderie and, and push yourself physically and, and regain your, some testosterone. That’s a, that’s a pretty awesome, pretty awesome, uh, activity for sure.

[01:16:17] All right, man. Thanks for the time and,

[01:16:19] Yeah. Thanks for having me on. It was, it was a pleasure.

[01:16:21] all right.

[01:16:23] God Bless.

[01:16:23] There you have it. A. Wisdom packed in the lightening interview with Larson Hicks, I will link. His podcast. Showed in the, in the show notes. And as well as some of the other things that we discussed during the interview, as always, if this provided value to you in a way benefited, you encouraged you.

[01:16:46] Maybe to get the lead out and get busy. Maybe to relocate and find a place that has community or sparked. The desire for you to plant a church where you are. And [01:17:00] rally other believers to you. Be sure to share the show. With a friend. That would find this encouraging. And don’t forget to check out the link for the Renaissance of men.

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