Nathan Spearing cultivating dangerous appearance on deployment.

Ep. 43 | Cultivating Dangerous Capacity by Focusing on the Right Things

Men are supposed to be leaders who protect the weak, the innocent, and the downtrodden—it’s part of the masculine nature that God designed. Men need to live faithfully according to God’s Word and actively seek ways to cultivate dangerous capacity. In this episode, Nathan shares how training in faithfulness, excellence, and dangerous capacity over a decade put him in a position to advise a U.S. ambassador on counter-terrorism strategy at a critical moment.

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Show Summary

  • Talking about being more dangerous in the previous episode got me fired up. [0:09]
  • This episode is about a time when things went sideways, and I was the guy to get the job done. [0:20]
  • Doing the next thing, and the next thing, and the next thing prepared me for this time. [0:37]
  • When I started to think I could do things on my own, the Lord gave me a setback. [0:48]
  • Intro to the story, overseas deployment. [2:15]
  • Emergency meeting at the embassy because there were multiple terrorist attacks in the area. [2:29]
  • My reasons for intentionally not grooming and getting really shaggy on deployment. [3:59]
  • The moment when the ambassador asked for my counter-terrorism advice. [5:10]
  • I called to secure an aircraft and go out on mission. [5:21]
  • I jumped toward the sound of the guns (with the ambassador’s blessing). [5:28]
  • Gaining the ambassador’s trust because of my background and experience. [5:38]
  • Have you cultivated excellence in your life? [6:02]
  • Are you the kind of person that people can look to when things go sideways? [6:10]
  • The world is crying out for men to lead. [6:38]
  • We should be crushing the serpent’s head in every way in our household. [8:02]
  • We are often distracted by our pride and self-centeredness [8:10]
  • Maybe some of us are not even going to church [8:41]
  • We need to commit to community. [8:51]
  • If you are not a Christian, open your eyes to the evidence around you. [9:07]
  • Are you the kind of guy causes evil to shudder when you walk in the room? [9:32]
  • Our insecurities come when we are not faithful and what God has called us to. [10:04]
  • Be okay with walking in a room and being scary. [11:49]
  • Commit your life to steadfast love, justice, and righteousness, and join with God’s plan and purposes. [13:09]
  • Doing the work to become more dangerous makes you ready for every situation that can be thrown at you. [14:20]
  • Don’t move ahead without God. Don’t rush into battles that you’re not supposed to fight. [15:09]
  • Closing encouragement. [15:48]

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