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Ep. 25 | Church: You’re All In or Not In At All

Church used to be central to families, towns, and society as a whole, but today most people—including Christians—live like it’s optional. And lots of people talk about having a community or “finding your tribe,” when in reality, true community is to be found among fellow Christians who are living and working together. In this episode, Nathan discusses the importance of church and lays out three key criteria for finding a healthy, God honoring church.

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Finding and Sticking with a Healthy (but imperfect) Church

In the past several years, church has been an oasis in a barren land, a place where there’s a sense of normalcy in the midst of a chaotic world. And that’s how it’s supposed to be: God’s people are called to stand firm regardless of what’s happening in culture.

Last week’s conversation with Rory Groves was thought provoking for me in a lot of areas, even after reading his book Durable Trades. Groves talks about how churches used to be the center of society. We relied on the church, and what that actually meant is that we relied on each other instead of government programs.

Relying on other people in church is a challenge, especially if you’ve been burned by church in the past. But finding an attending a healthy, God-fearing church is simply one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family.

How can you expect to live boldly if you’re not attending church on a regular basis?

Today, it is increasingly difficult to find a church that is holding fast to truth as revealed in scripture. Here are my three criteria for what to look for in a church:

  1. Reverent view of God as demonstrated in their worship. Church isn’t about you—it’s about God.
  2. Led by real men who lead themselves and their families well.
  3. They don’t ask you to hand your kids over at the door—they involve kids in Sunday morning worship with the whole congregation.

If you aren’t attending a church that is totally devoted to God and his word, then you need to make it a priority. I encourage you to do whatever it takes to find that kind of church. And when you are attending a church, roll up your sleeves, get involved, and get immersed in that community. Church only works when you’re all in.

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