Nathan Spearing on deployment learning the value of perspective on life.

Ep. 27 | A Gunfighter’s Perspective for Everyday Life

Having the right perspective is crucial for being able to face the challenges of each day with the right attitude and motivation. In this episode, Nathan shares how close calls while getting shot at on deployment has enabled him to trust God with his life and understand that most problems in life are smaller than we make them out to be. Listen in for practical tips on cultivating a resilient perspective on life.

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Why Perspective Matters

Perspective is essentially your vantage point for interpreting your life. That’s what determines how do you react to various events in your day-to-day life: issues at work, at church, at home, and within yourself.

My experience as a special operations soldier on multiple deployments has given me a unique perspective on life, as I’ve been in many very dangerous and challenging situations, and yet God has delivered me out of those trials. As just one example, we stormed a cave full of insurgents, and automatic weapons fire went off directly in front of my face. That experience—along with many others—led me to end up this motto: I’m invincible until God is through with me.

“I’m invincible until God is through with me.”

—My Motto

Now, when I’m faced with a difficult situation at work or at home, I can say “At least I’m not getting shot at.” Once you’ve experienced something that’s life or death, it’s easier to see other challenges for what they really are.

Another thing that should give Christian’s perspective life is being part of the church, which is an institution that has been around for millennia and will continue to exist in ages to come. Being part of something with a long history and a promised future should take us out of the moment and give us a long view on life.

If you are struggling with having a good perspective, I encourage you to sit down, pray, and ask God to give you a new vision for your life. Or a grows says that in order to have a vision, you must “begin on your knees.” Having a vision from God is what will give you the right perspective for your current situation and will enable you to move into the future with confidence.

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