Nathan Spearing moving family to land in Skoolie bus.

Ep. 22 | Charting a Path to Personal Freedom

How long could you survive without any outside assistance for food, water, or energy? What plan do you have in place to weather storms and societal issues? In this episode, Nathan discusses why his family bought land, moved into a renovated school bus with all five kids, and their desire to build a resilience runway in order to live boldly.

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Show Notes

Moving out to the Land, Living in Our Skoolie Bus

For those of you who have been following my Instagram and other episodes from the Life on Target, you’ve probably picked up bits and pieces of my families’ ongoing bus renovation and the work that we are doing at our recently purchased land. Over the past few years, my wife and I have been inspired by vision for living on the land and having a closer relationship with our food and our local community. Books like “Man of the House” by C.R. Wiley and “Durable Trades” by Rory Groves have made us excited about pursing this new way of life—you should check those books out!

This episode is about thinking strategically about your personal runway: how long can you survive without any external assistance — no grocery stores, no banks, no gas stations. When I was a security contractor for AT&T in Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, I saw firsthand how society crumbles when the infrastructure goes down. Part of our move to the land is about giving our family more margin for those types of contingencies, while at the same time being able to live a healthier lifestyle by growing our own food.

We are nearing the completion of our barn as well as our Skoolie bus, and I’m excited to have moved out to the land in the bus with my wife and kids. We are looking forward to diving into farming, building our home, and growing in our local community.

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