Are you ready to rule and reign as a king in your life?

10 Men | 3 Days | 1 Exclusive Experience

Pinehurst, NC | January 25–29

Kings are rulers who
know how to wage war.

Many successful men say that they wish they could go back five years and tell themselves what they know now. Whether it’s hard learned lessons in business, family, or faith, men often express a desire to roll back the clock and do things over again. They’ve learned how to hold their own through blood, sweat, and tears.

Experience is a great teacher, but we believe there’s a better way: learning from those who have walked the path.

Kingmaker Events gives you and nine other guys exclusive access to two men who are living how you want to live—right now. Men who have cultivated loving homes, built multi-generational businesses, and achieved financial independence.

Attending Kingmaker Events will give you the tools and tactics you need to get down the right path further and faster than you ever imagined was possible.

If this sounds like you, we want you to join us.

“A king is he that can hold his own or else his title is vain.”
—J.R.R. Tolkien

What to Expect

In addition to being an all-inclusive event (food, lodging, ammo, supplies), Kingmaker Events will give you intensive instruction in the following areas.


General Contractor and Real Estate Investor

–special operations veteran
–real estate investor
– luxury remodeling contractor

Pastor, Professor, and Real Estate Investor

–theologically-trained entrepreneur
–multiple $100K+ businesses
–expert in family-centric businesses

Homesteader and Entrepreneur

–theologically-trained entrepreneur
–multiple $100K+ businesses
–expert in family-centric businesses
“Having a shooting experience that has the additional facet of Christian worldview and community is unheard of to my knowledge. This was my favorite part of the event.”
—Garrett B.


You’ll arrive at RDU Airport and be shuttled to a welcome reception dinner at The Symphony House with C.R. Wiley, John Moody, and Nathan Spearing. In the evening, you’ll be introduced to the Kingmaker Framework—a total system for exercising dominion over your whole life.

Kings know how to fight, and on Friday you’ll experience world-class pistol shooting and close quarters combat instruction from elite warfighers. From there, you’ll undergo a comprehensive assessment of individual man skills to see where you stand. In the afternoon, you’ll also learn how the speakers are living skillfully. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the concepts you learned and develop your personal battle plan for practical application.

Saturday will be a deep dive into your personal assessment with guided discussions from speakers that will give you practical tools and tactics for growth and improvement. Attendees will have the option to depart after lunch to make it back home for worship, but are welcome to stay the evening to enjoy continued fellowship.

Those that didn’t elect to depart on Saturday afternoon will be provided breakfast, continued fellowship and the opportunity to worship with Nathan and his family at Sandhills Presbyterian Church before being shuttled back to RDU Airport.

“I really loved the time we spent together talking about Biblical manhood and serving our families and communities.”
—Jason F.

Lodging at the Symphony House

Originally built in 1934 and restored to its former glory in 2016, The Symphony House is an 8300 sq. ft. mansion located near the heart of Pinehurst, NC.

Are You Ready to be a King?

This is event is all-inclusive (food, lodging, ammo, and supplies) so you can focus on learning, growing, and fellowship.
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