Rachel Beck and Nathan Spearing discussing health, resillience, family, and nutrition on the Life on Target podcast.

Ep. 44 | Growing a Family Culture of Healthy Habits for Lifelong Resilience with Rachel Beck

Rachel Beck is an expert in holistic nutrition and is the owner of Rachel Beck Wellness, where she helps spiritually-minded, successful women simplify their lives so they can re-prioritize their health and flourishing. In this episode, Rachel provides practical advice on building simple habits that will transform your life and offers guidance for how busy entrepreneurs can care for their wives in every season.

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Show Summary

  • Introduction and background on Nathan hearing Rachel speak at an Expert Ownership event. [0:00]
  • Greeting and thank you for being on the show. [0:04:53]
  • Raising 6 sons over 25 years of marriage. [0:05:07]
  • Rachel’s passion for helping women maintain their spirit and have balance in life. [0:05:42]
  • Her focus on how women can integrate all of their roles and not only survive but thrive [0:06:07]
  • Speaking engagements with entrepreneurs, women’s groups, and church groups. [0:06:36]
  • What to expect in one-on-one meetings. Emphasis on aging well from the inside out. [0:06:41]
  • Why Rachel has a passion for helping people develop good habits. [0:07:09]
  • Specialty in creating space for women to implement gradual changes that grow wellness in every aspect of life. [0:07:27]
  • Focusing on the key relationships in your life will make the biggest difference for your health. [0:07:49]
  • While in high school, was scouted and signed with the most prestigious modeling agency in the world at that time. [0:10:39]
  • Always felt the sense of an Esther calling—even at a young age. [0:10:50]
  • Growing up always knowing God. [0:11:23]
  • Going to high school and college part-time while modeling. [0:11:50]
  • Escaping a shark filled world (modeling) relatively unscathed. [0:12:16]
  • Leaving modeling to pursue a degree in European studies with an art minor at Hillsdale College. [0:12:41]
  • The gift of studying under a woman who passionately loved the Lord and was a “Berean-level” student of the Bible. [0:13:09]
  • Learning about the effects of sin on the human body. [0:13:25]
  • Coming to realize that all creation bears witness to God. [0:15:25]
  • The church has separated itself from an understanding of the natural world and gave up that understanding to people who did observe it. [0:15:48]
  • “God is honored when we learn how His creation works and partner with Him.” [0:16:01]
  • Building a practice of studying two hours a day for 35 years. [0:17:01]
  • When God heals us, we are healed body, soul, and spirit. [0:19:12]
  • God’s incredible gift of seeing what choices your kids make when they leave the house. [0:23:34]
  • “What we do and who we are is the greatest teacher to our children.” [0:23:58]
  • How Rachel learned that she could have been easier on herself along the parenting journey [0:24:45]
  • Through God’s grace, becoming clear on the understanding that parenting, self-care, investment in marriage, and career were not separate. [0:25:04]
  • Having four kids under 10, two of which were 15 months apart [0:26:04]
  • When you have no time, money or energy, you can still do three extremely important things. [0:26:31]
  • 95% of people’s thoughts, are the same thoughts they had yesterday, and 85% are negative. [0:26:56]
  • The most important can do for our physical health is to fix our eyes on our Creator and the hope in front of us. [0:27:24]
  • Even if you can’t work out, you can have amazing posture. [0:27:37]
  • Focusing on breathing enables us to get into the parasympathetic nervous system and access our full capacity. [0:28:25]
  • Self-care is not selfish it is strategic. [0:29:15]
  • Your kids are constantly showing you where you are not yet mature. [0:34:13]
  • Marriage and kids are the biggest teachers. [0:35:21]
  • It is important for your kids to feel like they are heard and valued, and that their desires matter at each stage in life—regardless of age. [0:37:10]
  • “We are going to have more years relating to our kids as adults as we did with them in our household.” [0:37:53]
  • “You can’t teach your child what to do in every situation—you have to teach them how to make decisions.” [0:39:24]
  • Create a space or your kids know that they can discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. [0:39:54]
  • 80% of how we look is what we eat and only 20% is how we move. [0:44:40]
  • Get through the transition time of acquiring a new taste for better foods. [0:45:07]
  • Many common oils used in food production are toxic and can cause systemic inflammation. [0:49:06]
  • Your choice of animal protein matters because they are at the top of the food chain and can have the highest concentration of toxic chemicals. [0:50:19]
  • It takes about nine times to be introduced to the food and decide if you like it. [0:51:03]
  • Just taking a bite of something can help you learn to like it in the future. [0:52:02]
  • Feeding yourself for how you will feel at 80 and 100, versus what tastes good right now [0:52:43]
  • Practical steps for implementing healthy eating habits. [0:53:57]
  • What is one thing that you could do today to move you in the right direction? [0:54:14]
  • In an ideal world, you grow your produce and hunt your meat. [0:55:52]
  • Online options for ordering clean foods (Thrivemarket.com, Butcherbox, Vital Choice). [0:57:00]
  • When you start your day with a win, you tend to make better choices for lunch and dinner. [0:58:18]
  • Take the thing you know you should do and stop or upgrade it. [0:59:34]
  • Practical for entrepreneurs to take care of their wives and tend their garden well. [1:02:34]
  • Giving mom one complete night off each week. [1:02:52]
  • What it means to be co-regents of your household. [1:04:36]
  • Strategies for staying in sync as a couple. [1:07:14]
  • Finding the best channels for communication in your relationship. [1:09:01]
  • Get long-term goals and make small steps toward them all the time. [1:14:31]
  • Have a growth mindset and be teachable. [1:19:37]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:20:33]

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