Ep. 38 | Just Move! (and more steps to better health)

Health and fitness should be a top priority in everyone's life, but it's very easy for it to fall by the wayside. In this episode, Nathan shares practical tips for how to think about health and fitness regardless of your ability, how injuries from special operations combat altered the way that he approaches exercise, and how to set incremental goals that can transform your future.

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  • Overview of how this episode will offer practical tips for being healthier everyday. [0:16]
  • Sometimes we don’t exercise because we create an unrealistic picture of what health looks like. [00:37]
  • Incremental changes lead to transformative gains emotionally, physically, spiritually, relationally, etc. [2:18]
  • Tips for making goals manageable and achievable. [2:49]
  • Great workouts don’t always mean being drenched in sweat. [4:49]
  • A key question to ask yourself: How can you take one small bite out of your goals? [6:12]
  • Can you set aside just 15 minutes to move? [10:35]
  • The story of how Nathan broke his foot during a combat mission. [10:53]
  • Running alternatives and benefits. [13:47]
  • Injury statistics comparing running versus walking versus rucking. [15:32]
  • Example of optimizing your environment for exercise. [19:10]
  • I have my environment optimized with the ruck 19:10.6
  • Benefits of being out in nature and experiencing it through walking. [20:20]
  • You don’t need to overthink it: Pick up something and move. [22:42]
  • Encouragement to make incremental changes today and keep going. [23:05]

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