Life on Target Interview with Nathan Spearing and Rob Sentz

Ep. 31 | Fostering Physical and Mental Toughness in Kids with Rob Sentz

In this episode, Nathan has a far-reaching discussion with Rob Sentz on building physical and mental toughness in kids and how that impacts larger socioeconomic issues like employment. Sentz shares practical ways that he has worked to teach his children to be mentally and physically tough and offers tremendous insight into the the current economic state in America.

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For this episode, I had opportunity to speak with Rob Sentz who formerly served as the Chief Innovation Officer for Emsi Burning Glass, a labor market analytics firm that provides tools that help companies understand how employment and economic trends affect their business. Sentz has a unique perspective into the current state of employment and labor in America, and I was excited to hear his thoughts.

Sentz shared a wealth of insights on parenting, how team sports foster mental toughness, what valuable education actually looks like, and population decline, and he weaves observations from those topics into a compelling picture of the foundational issues impacting employment today.

This episode has something for everyone: If you’re a parent, there’s a lot of actionable insights that you can implement now to help disciple your kids. If you’re a single adult, this conversation touches on everything from finding the right career to building a family. And if you are a high school student trying to figure out what’s next, Sentz offers some advice on how to connect the dots between what you’re doing now and what you could do in the future. Listen in and be encouraged.

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