Nathan Spearing with his wife.

Ep. 29 | Rest For Your Wife

For the married men: What are you doing to give your wife rest? Wives and moms have a lot on their plate, and it’s the husband’s job to find ways to give his wife rest from her work. If you don’t have a concrete answer this week’s question, listen in as Nathan shares some practical tips and insight that he has gained in his own marriage.

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If you are a man who’s married and has children, you need to be actively cultivating time for your wife to recover and rest. If you’re not already doing this, here are some questions that need answers:

  • What gives my wife rest? What does she enjoy doing that brings her fulfillment and rest?
  • How can I cultivate time for her to get the rest she needs?

Once you have an answers for these questions, then it’s time to do the hard work of actually planning and making that time for her. Here are a few key things that I’ve learned (and am learning)

  1. It’s never convenient. You just have to start.
  2. Start small. Watch the kids during a grocery store run or short errands.
  3. Build up the time. Once you start getting in a routine, take the kids for longer periods of time so that your wife can get longer stretches of rest.
  4. Make it fun for the kids. It doesn’t have to be some grand experience—just engage and be present.

A key part of tending your garden is helping your wife recover from all of the work that she does on a daily basis: looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc. If you want a healthy family, you need to make this a priority. Start today.

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