Nathan Spearing interviewing John Moody on parenting, farming, homesteading, and productive household.

Ep. 47 | Recovering the Value of a Productive Household with John Moody

John Moody is a homesteader, author, husband, father of six and an outspoken advocate for food freedom. In this episode, John shares how a serious health scare in his early 20s led him away from a lifestyle of video games and processed foods to becoming one of the most well known figures in the fight against government overreach in small scale farming. He also discusses the economics of a productive household, why kids should be trained how to work early on in life, and why it’s critical for Christians to stand up against evil.

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Show Summary

  • “I didn’t grow up in a believing household—I got saved in college.” [0:03:36]
  • John’s decision to go to seminary and the people who helped that decision. [0:04:03]
  • “Even after I got saved I never thought to myself that I should be a pastor.” [0:04:20]
  • John’s educational background; majoring in business and finance in college. [0:04:25]
  • Moving to Louisville Kentucky in 2000 to attend Southern Baptist Theological Seminary during the brief “golden age.” [0:05:14]
  • How John met that his wife Jessica. Now married for 17 years with six children. [0:05:41]
  • Intentionally showing his wife Jessica how the kids could be co-helpers to her. [0:10:49]
  • When is it appropriate to ask your child to help around the household? [0:11:43]
  • How giving your kids chores teaches kids from the beginning that they are responsible their stuff and for their messes. [0:12:23]
  • You can begin cultivating a responsibility in your kids at a much younger age than American culture generally encourages. [0:12:45]
  • The longer you wait to teach your kids responsibility, the more they are being trained to be passive consumers. [0:12:58]
  • “Nobody gets paid for breathing. Nobody should get paid for just being there” —Joel Salatin [0:15:50]
  • “I’ve always wanted my kids to develop an opportunity mindset.” [0:16:11]
  • Glorifying God and doing good with what is around you go hand-in-hand. [0:16:39]
  • Beginning to talk with the kids about what sort of enterprise they would like to start by the time they reach eight or nine years old. [0:16:49]
  • Examples of different enterprises that John Moody’s kids are involved in. [0:17:47]
  • Abby’s Elderberries and the family involvement in that business. [0:18:33]
  • Some of the enterprises the kids have tried have gone well. Others have not gone well [0:19:58]
  • No job is always enjoyable. Whatever your job is, there are repetitive aspects that you cannot escape. One of the reasons you want your kids to work early is to overcome that life obstacle. [0:22:15]
  • You have to learn this intentional choosing: “I choose to do what I need to do by God’s grace.” [0:23:41]
  • Part of ownership is knowing when it’s time to walk away from something. [0:24:34]
  • Reflecting on the family’s five-year plan. [0:25:04]
  • Examples of things that generate income or value in the Moody household. [0:27:24]
  • The one thing that John Moody thinks people miss when thinking about a productive household.
  • The reasons why John Moody got into growing food. [0:33:26]
  • The perils of store bought meat. Confined animal feeding operations. The rise of antibiotic resistant infections. [0:35:12]
  • “You can’t cheat creation. You can’t sow and not reap.” [0:36:59]
  • Size of Jon Moody’s various farming operations. “You can do a lot even with 2 acres if you are careful with the management.” [0:38:26]
  • Focusing on items that make a dent in the family’s dietary needs. [0:41:26]
  • Why John started a local buying club. [0:41:44]
  • Getting sick in seminary. Was 6’ 2” and got down to about 120 pounds. [0:44:39]
  • Healing advanced duodenal ulcers and seasonal allergies through food. [0:45:39]
  • Going from shopping at Kroger and Walmart to Wild Oats and Whole Foods. [0:45:50]
  • Voting with your dollars. John’s desire stop putting money into a system that was antithetical to his values into one that fuels the type of culture and country that he wants to see return. [0:46:51]
  • “The only rights we preserve are the ones we fight for. Pieces of paper do not protect your family from anyone.” [0:51:52]
  • “Walls don’t protect anyone unless people man them and protect the walls.” [0:52:18]
  • “Evil things don’t happen because of evil people, they happen because of the complicity of the majority.” [0:57:37]
  • Why John thinks conservatives are like Wylie coyote chasing the Road Runner. [1:02:16]
  • The problem with conservatives letting things be defined for them by liberals. [1:03:50]
  • We are conditioned to solve problems by spending money. [1:11:29]
  • Proverbs 30:8 — I don’t want to be rich and I don’t want to be poor. [1:12:47]
  • “I am the last person you would ever expect to find me where I am today.” [1:16:39]
  • Ask the question with your wife: “What two things do we want to get done this week?” [1:17:40]
  • Do two things a week and read one or two books a month outside your current circle, and your life will look very different at the end of two years. And it’s not that stressful along the journey. [1:18:28]
  • Make it a priority to have intentional set time to speak with your wife. [1:20:44]
  • Closing Thoughts

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