Ep. 34 | Intentional Family Rhythms and Being Rooted in Community with Daniel Grothe

Daniel Grothe is author of The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age and the Associate Senior Pastor at New Life Church in Colorodo Springs, Colorado. In this episode, Grothe shares his story of going in on 120 acres with three families from his church, the importance of community, and how living on land teaches kids about the reality of life. In addition, Nathan and Grothe discuss building intentional family rhythms and why Christians need to open hospitable spaces.

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As my family has bought land and invested deeply in our church and local community, we are seeking to set down deep roots where we are. My wife and I want to raise our kids in a place that has stability and gives us the opportunity to work together as a family.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that I was excited to sit down with Daniel Grothe to discuss his book The Power of Place: Choosing Stability in a Rootless Age and to hear his story about buying land and working with his kids.

The Grothe family is intentional and how they spend their time and how they steward what God has given them. In this episode, growth provides wealth of wisdom and insight into how living on the land teaches kids about how life really works. Living on the land allows his kids to see firsthand how life is created, and also the reality of death. He he describes how farming gives his kids the opportunity to learn the value of a dollar as well as how to work and play hard so that they “earn their shower and earn their sleep.”

This episode will have value for you regardless of whether you are rooted in a particular geographic area or not. Grothe’s insights into the value of intentional family rhythms and a shared vision for community are relevant to all individuals and families. Listen in and be encouraged!

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