Ep. 33 | Contentment—Not Just for Girls

Parents have opportunities each and every day to lead their children in the way of godly living, and it is essential to make the most of those moments when they arise. In this episode, Nathan shares how he is working to teach his daughters contentment and how children can reflect the issues you have in your own heart.

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One of the best aspects of entrepreneurship for me as the ability to on my time and change my schedule as necessary order to lead and disciple my children. This episode focuses on raising daughters, but there are practical tips for parents of all ages. And for the husbands and fathers out there, it is imperative that you recognize that you are responsible for raising your children in the knowledge of the Lord. It can be extremely easy for guys to check out and leave the difficult behavioral issues to their wife, but that’s not the way it supposed to work.

As I live on a bus in close proximity with my wife and kids, I am learning what it means to be intentional with sons and daughters so that they can learn to live holy, God-fearing lives. This process is ongoing, and in this episode I share some strategies that I am employing to win their hearts, build relationships, and teach them to love God.

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