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Ep. 28 | Your Goals Might Not Be Big Enough

Most people (including Christians) don’t have a big enough vision for their life. And when they think about having a big vision, they tend to think only in terms of their own lifetime. In this episode, Nathan discusses how to break out of the trap of having a tiny vision by thinking about your family as an institution that will be around for hundreds of years.

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Having a 100 Year Vision

When you think about having a vision for your life, what comes to mind? Who is included? How long does the vision last? For many Christians, their vision doesn’t extend far enough.

The problem with having a small vision is that it keeps you from living boldly, not just now, but also for future generations.

The reality is that our current culture war came about because of several generations of living a certain kind of way, and the only way to fix it is to raise up generations of Christians who live differently. And that requires having a multi-generational vision for your family that extends for hundreds of years.

Of course, it’s impossible to determine exactly how your kids will turn out. Much less your grandchildren. And even less your great-grandchildren. But the point of having a multi-generational vision is not to say “Oh, this is exactly how this will turn out,” but to consider how much of an impact your life can have if you commit to living how the Lord has called you and doing whatever He tells you to do—regardless of how foolish or crazy it may look in the moment.

Right now, my family is in the process of trying to buy a bunch of land. We’ve already bought some acreage, but we want more. The finance side of these deals is crazy. The timing seems crazy, but we are gripped by a vision of creating a generation of hundreds of faithful Christians by moving to a more family-centric economy.

As Christians, I believe that we need to think bigger and more generationally. I encourage you to join me in having this type of discussion with your family. Ask yourself, “What kind of institution am I building?” Talk it over with your spouse. And ask the Lord to build your family in the way He sees fit.

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