Ep. 37 | Building Bulletproof Businesses through Christian Values with David Benham

David Benham is a former professional baseball player, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping Christian business owners connect faith and business. In this episode, David shares how he and his brother Jason have applied the Gospel to every successful venture and how living boldly enabled them to survive cancel culture. This episode is deeply practical and encouraging for everyone looking to live like Christ in today’s world.

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Show Summary

In this episode, David Benham and I discuss:

  • How business and ministry are one and the same. [5:09]
  • How your work is the #1 reflection of your character. [6:17]
  • How the Benham brothers survived cancel culture in 2014. [11:14]
  • What David defines as the “Frankenchurch in America” and how Christians should respond. [15:48]
  • Why it’s critical for Christians to speak truth in the face of evil. [27:27]
  • How the Benham brothers built bulletproof businesses. [30:11]
  • The value of living in a country that enables people to build great businesses from the ground up. [34:24]
  • Kingdom principles for running your business. [37:06]
  • The key differences between the Pharoah Model and the Kingdom Model of living.
  • Why you should downsize to upsize your children’s future. [47:31]

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