Free Blue Collar Launch Guide

I’ve made millions as a general contractor, but for the first few years it was harder than anything I’d ever done.

This guide is me sharing the basics of starting a blue-collar business from scratch with the skills you already have.

I’ll share:

  • how I formed my company 
  • how I got a business bank account
  • how I got my first customers
  • how I estimated their jobs (but what I’d do different)
  • how I collect payment
  • how I set up a basic website, social media, and contact form to get leads
  • how I screen leads to find the quality customers I want to work for
  • what software I used at the beginning to do email, bookkeeping, project management etc.

When you’re starting out what you really need are customers. Well, not just any customers, but ones that pay you on time.

You also need to know how much to charge them. The idea is that they pay you, you do good work, and there is a decent amount of money left over at the end for you to pay your taxes, grow the business, and feed your family.

How do you get those customers and charge enough to make a profit when you have no money for lawyers to form your companies, accountants and bookkeepers to help you track your money, , web designers, social media managers, and marketers to get the word out, crew leads to do the work while you talk to the lawyers, accountants, and marketers, or expensive software to help you keep a grip on everything that’s going on.

I know how hard it is because I was there in 2016. I had just left the miliary after almost 14 years of service in Army Special Operations. I had a wife and five kids, two mortgages, cash in the bank, lots of skills, and an insane work ethic.

My last day in the army I found out I had to pay back part of my enlistment bonus.

$39,711.93 less cash.

With my savings immediately cut in half, I deiced a chill year “figuring it out” wasn’t possible. I bought a used truck.

$22,000 less cash.

I started and LLC, bought some tools, got my general contracting license.

At this point we were living month to month on whatever I could bring in.

Then I got sued.

It took years to feel like my head was above water.

Now I’m working with the best clients and have the highest margins I’ve ever. I actually love the work I’m doing and who I’m doing it for and with!

Did it have to be this hard? For me yes, but not for you. 

You have The Blue Collar Launch Guide.

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