Nathan Spearing

Survival Books You Should Own

I have all these book in my library to make my family anti-fragile. I think you should too. In the event of a disaster, having knowledge — available at your fingertips — could be the difference between live and death.

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Nathan Spearing's jumping out of a plane as a military exercise.

Ep. 18 | Who Dares Wins: Embracing Discomfort Today for Future Gains

Living boldly requires taking risks, and risks are uncomfortable, but they are crucial to living out true faith in God and his plan for your life. In this episode, Nathan shares an early failure in his military service that set him at a crossroads between mediocrity and elite special forces service. Listen in to learn how embracing discomfort impacted the trajectory of his career and life today.

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Nathan Spearing's teaching his kids marksmanship. next to a target.

Ep. 17 | A Theology of Violence: Family Leadership

Christian men need to be diligent when it comes to protecting their families, and that requires faithful leadership. Being disciplined in exercising dominion over self is prerequisite for considering the role of violence and self-defense in the family. In this episode, Nathan discusses Biblical qualities for leadership and how they inform the way that men should build and defend their family life.

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X-ray images of brains.

Ep. 16 | Brain Health: Sleep, Exercise, and Being of Sound Mind

Having a healthy brain is key to living a full, robust life, but it’s often something we neglect in our lives. In this episode, Nathan shares his story of undergoing extensive brain analysis, therapy, and training at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and offers practical advice for developing personal habits and family rhythms that support brain health.

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Nathan Spearing on deployment.

Ep. 15 | A Theology of Violence: Meekness, Protection, and Self-defense in the Christian Life

What is the role of violence in a Christian’s life? Aren’t Christian’s supposed to always turn the other cheek? In this episode, Nathan argues that a pacifist view overlooks a true definition of meekness: the ability to do violence tempered with wisdom and restraint. By drawing on his experience as a special operations soldier as well as a many key Scriptures he offers a practical framework for understanding and navigating this critical topic.

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Nathan Spearing's daughter using a trowel.

Ep. 14 | Rethinking Education: Customizing Learning through Homeschooling

How can we produce the next generation of innovators and game-changers in society? By fundamentally changing the way that we do education. In this episode, Nathan discusses the benefits of homeschooling as the most customizable form of education and how breaking free from the confines of contemporary schooling in America helps kids’ minds explode with what’s possible.

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Nathan Spearing with his wife and kids.

Ep. 13 | Women: Creators of Infinite Compounding Value

Current conversations about the gender pay gap tend tend to focus on one thing: money earned within one generation. But the reality is that men and women can accomplish achieve much more through family and business within a unified home. In this episode, Nathan describes his experience co-laboring with his wife Jacqueline to build a thriving home and successful businesses, and he explains why he believes women are creators of infinite compounding value.

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Wedding rings on top of a Bible symbolizing commited marriage..

Ep. 11 | Virginity, Porn, and the Standard for Sex

Our culture is in chaos because we are ignoring God’s standard for sexuality and sexual purity. More importantly, sexual sin destroys our homes, which are critical for building fruitful churches and communities. In this episode, Nathan discusses the importance of adhering to God’s standard in this matter and how God’s rules are always the way of joy and blessing.

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Nathan Spearing wrestling with his son outdoors.

Ep. 12 | Straight Talk for Dads: Raising Sons in a Pornographic Age

How can parents raise strong, godly sons in a world rampant with sexual immorality? Nathan’s church sought out wisdom on this question, and Pastor Toby Sumpter from Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho offered to speak and provide tested strategies for approaching this crucial issue in parenting. This bonus episode features the recording from Pastor Toby’s Zoom workshop with the men from Sandhills Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Fathers and mothers of sons are encouraged to listen to this episode to learn how to raise up the next generation to love and serve God.

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Nathan Spearing standing in swimming trunks at the edge of an icy lake.

Ep. 10 | Elite Mental Performance for Everyday Life

What does “mental toughness” actually mean? It seems like a lot of people talk about having it, but how should you go about getting it? In this episode, Nathan discusses his experience of dealing with the crippling effects of overthinking as a U.S. Army Ranger, and how he learned to “cut the emotional rucksack” in order to thrive in the face of adversity.

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