About Nathan

"I'm invincible until God is through with me."

Nathan Spearing skydiving for a training exercise

After beginning my military service as an Army Ranger, I went on to join more elite special operations forces. Over the course of thousands of combat missions, I was decorated for valor and was awarded the Purple Heart. I jumped out of planes from 25,000 feet. I advised U.S. Ambassadors during terrorist attacks. I was living an adrenaline-filled dream.

And then I left it all.

I gave up the glory, the steady paycheck, and the promise of a pension in order to have freedom to do what I wanted with my life—especially to spend more time with my family.

Nathan spearing reading Bible with family around the dinner table.

When I left the military, we had two mortgages, five kids, and no job. I had just bought a “fixer-upper” mansion that didn’t even have heat or air conditioning. Then I found out that I owed the military $39K. I started a general contracting company and netted negative $25,000 in the first year. And then I turned down a six-figure job that would require deploying—all because I wanted to be present with the people I love. Today I have three thriving businesses, and I’m home with my family for dinner every night.

Now I’m really living the dream!

I could have played it safe, but I charted my own path despite uncertainty. I’m excited to share principles and practices I’ve learned along this road that will enable others to chart their own paths and to live their own lives in a bold and meaningful way.

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