Empowering You to Live Life on Target

God-fearing husband, father, business owner and special operations veteran on a mission to help you live boldly.

I spent 14 years in elite U.S. Army special operations, completing thousands of combat missions during my career. Then I gave up the steady paycheck and "job security" to focus on what really matters: family and community. I had accomplished a lot and was feeling pretty good about myself. Then I fell flat on his face – financially, psychologically, and relationally. Now, I'm succeeding in all those categories, because I learned to trust God more and deal with my failures head on. I want you to have that ability too! Not by living a life with less risk or more perceived safety but by cultivating a mindset that enables you to live life on target!

Recent Podcast Episodes:

Theology Pugcast: Warriors in the Garden: Martial Virtures and the Christian Man

In this day and age people love to play the victim and blame others for their lack of joy and success. Taking ownership is the beginning of a richer, fuller life.
Regret comes to those who focus on “influencing” the world and miss out on the blessings of close fellowship with people you love.
Transitioning out of the military was the right decision for me and my family. It hasn't been easy, but it's been worth it.

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